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ABOUT         100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West

We are a group of local SE Wisconsin women interested in joining together to support our local communities.

As individuals we feel it is difficult to have an impact; but, as a group, we have the ability to make a great impact on the Milwaukee Metro West area in ways that we never before thought possible by ourselves.


Jane Condon, President  (

Kathy Olsen, Secretary  (

Judy Malaney, Treasurer  (

Our History
Our History

The first 100+ Women Who Care organization was founded by Karen Dunigan in her community of Jackson, Michigan in 2006.

Their first donation was to a Center for Family Health—providing cribs to low income mothers. Finding strength in numbers, other groups of women throughout the country have started their own “giving circles” and found similar successful experiences in their communities.

100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West began in January 2016, joining over 200 other chapters of 100 Women Who Care in the US.

Our Sponsors
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