100+WWC-MMW Checks Delivered to Lake Area Free Clinic for Use in the Dental Clinic

Checks from our kind members of 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West were delivered to the Lake Area Free Clinic in Oconomowoc.  The checks were presented to Mary Reich, Lake Area Free Clinic Executive Director, and Megan Welsh by Jane Condon, Kathy Olsen, and Kathy Wipert who nominated this wonderful charity.  The funds will be used to help continue services for dental care.


Since the doors opened in July, 2001, the Lake Area Free Clinic has welcomed individuals and families who lack health and dental insurance and whose income is below 200% of the federal poverty level. Many of these individuals work full-time, but are either not offered health insurance or cannot afford the premiums.  

Learn more about Lake Area Free Clinic by clicking on the name below:

•    Lake Area Free Clinic – Dental Services suggested by Kathy Wipert


You Can Still Send in Your Donations

If you haven't yet sent in your donation to Lake Area Free Clinic, if you sent it in by Thursday, December 16, it will still be eligible for possible matching funds.

Here is how you can send your funds in by Dec. 16:

At Lake Area Free Clinic's online website, you can send in your donation of $100 for yourself or your team by clicking on this site:   https://www.lakeareafreeclinic.org/make-a-donation/.   We would appreciate your indicating in the comments area that this is a donation from 100 Women Who Care—MKE Metro West.  This allows us to keep track of all our donations that will potentially be matched.

If your work organization provides matching funds, the EIN number for Lake Area Free Clinic is 39-2006388.

100 WWC-MMW Founder, Jane Condon, Selected as TEMPO Waukesha's Community 
Leadership Award Winner for 2021-2022

100+ Women Who Care  MKE Metro West

100+ Women Who Care of Milwaukee Metro West strives to strengthen our communities by providing funds to local charities committed to improving the lives of people in communities west of Milwaukee.


Our mission is to bring together, for one hour every four months, at least 100 women. Each member contributes $100, personally or through a team, to a local charity chosen by members in that one hour that will make a difference in our communities.

Come join us to make a difference while you are having fun!  You not only will be improving the lives of others but will be enriching your own life.

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Click in the center of the above photo and make sure to click on the notes in the bottom righthand corner (it should NOT have a line through the notes) to see and hear the TEMPO Award Ceremony.


O'Donoghue's has been a great supporter of 100WWC-MMW and we look forward to returning to this site in person.

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Congratulations to Jane Condon, the founder of 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West, who was chosen for the 2021-2022 Community Leadership Award for Tempo Waukesha.  


Tempo® Waukesha is an organization whose purpose is to educate, to promote personal and professional development, and to provide a setting for Waukesha County business and professional persons to meet and share common interests and experiences.

Tempo's mission is to develop, support, and empower professional women in  Waukesha County.

The Community Leadership Award is given to a woman who has the following traits:

  • Qualities of leadership, integrity, dedication and teamwork

  • Demonstrated leadership within the community (board service, fund raising, volunteering)

  • Service as a mentor or trusted advisor to colleagues, students and/or others

We all in 100 WWC-MMW know that Jane is a wonderful choice for this prestigious award.

The following dates have been booked at O-Donoghue's Irish Pub in Elm Grove for our 2022 meetings with all at 6:00 pm -- March 29, 2022, July 19, 2022, and November 8, 2022.
We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season.

This 100 Women Who Care--Milwaukee Metro West is ideal for you if:

  • You want to be part of a group that is making an immediate and positive impact on the needs in our local communities.

  • You want 100% of your donations to go directly to a local charity in our area.

  • You are too pressed for time to do volunteer activities.

  • You want to meet other interesting women.

  • You want to learn more about your community.

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100 Women Who Care--
MKE Metro West

To learn more about

100WWC MKE Metro West,

contact any of these women:

Jane Condon (jacondon@yahoo.com)


Kathy Olsen (kathy.olsen@gmail.com)

 Karen Loeb (aloeb@wi.rr.com)

The Mission of 100 WWC-MMW is to bring together, for one hour every four months, at least 100 women who each contribute $100 to a local charity, chosen in that one hour, that will make a significant difference in our communities.  In 2019 we gave three charities $29,200--Kathy's House, Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps, and The Women's Center of Waukesha.  In 2020, despite the pandemic, we gave $33,920 to local charities to help our neighbors.  


The total we have contributed since our founding four years ago is over $146,000--contributions that have helped citizens in our communities live better lives.

Watch Jane Condon, Organizer of 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West, in her guest appearance on TMJ4 The Morning Blend.

We sincerely appreciate The Morning Blend featuring 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West.


© 2021 by 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West.

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