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Charities are submitted to 100 Women Who Care--MKE Metro West by members only. Each member may have one local charity available for consideration at any given time, and the nomination must be made at least ten days  ahead of the next meeting date to allow for vetting and approval. The process is as follows:

  1. Member selects a local charity she would like to put forward for consideration.

  2. Member fills out the Charity Nomination Form below and hits "Send" to send it into our website or emails Jane Condon at with charity's name, mission, address, and, if available, the charity's Tax ID, also called an EIN number.

  3. If a member has difficulty in providing this information, please contact one of our officers  listed on the "About Us" page for help.​

  4. Our target area for charities we want to support is in the Milwaukee West Suburban communities. Southeastern Wisconsin charities outside the Milwaukee Western Suburban area will be considered if the proposals for qualified local MKE West Suburban charities are not fulfilled.

  5. These charity nominations must be made by at least 10 days before the 100WWC-MMW meeting to give time to check out each charity to make sure it is a 501(c)(3) charity and meets our requirements to be non-political, be non-relligious, and be non-discriminating.

  6. Meeting the above requirements, the charity will be approved for nomination.

  7.  If more than 3 charities are nominated, three will be selected in a drawing.

  8. Each nominating member of three charities selected for consideration makes a five-minute  presentation about her charity.  An additional five-minutes is allowed for Q & A's. A representative from the the charity is allowed to speak during Q&A time.

9.  All present members vote.

10. ​Successful charity receives donation checks made out directly to chosen charity, or, if available, donation may be sent online with a note indicating 100 Women Who Care..

11.  Update to our Nomination Procedure:

We are hoping to make it easier to nominate and present a charity and are offering some new ideas this year. 

•    Any eligible nomination submitted will be active for an entire year or until chosen for donations. 

•    Each nominee of a charity presented but not chosen will have the option of giving their $100 commitment to their charity. 

•    Expanding our geographical impact, nominated charities outside the Metro West suburban area are considered eligible as long as donations remain in the local Milwaukee area. 

•    After applying for the RMSFF match, if the Foundation does not accept the chosen charity, a second place charity may be eligible to receive the 50% match. This charity would still be able to be presented for future selection within the year nominated.

12.  Making your case for support in the five minutes that you are allowed takes some planning. The following includes some guidelines and talking points to help you make the best presentation so each member can make an informed decision on how to vote.


•    Do you have a relationship with the organization? How have you been involved?


•    Gather all the facts and statistics you can to provide to the group, specifically the mission/purpose of the organization. If you know specific details on how our donation would be used, that would be important to share. Power Point presentations are not allowed, but handouts are fine. 


•    Find out if the potential recipient has 501(c)3 status. If you are proposing a worthy cause that is not 501(c)3, determine if the donation can be funneled through a church or other tax-exempt group. If the donation will NOT be tax deductible, inform the membership before vote is taken.


•    Share information about the service area and whom the organization serves. If the organization is affiliated with a national or state group, verify that the funds will stay in the Milwaukee Area.


•    The organization’s Executive Director or other representative is permitted to join you for the 5 minute Q&A after your presentation.


•    Try to find out if the organization will accept online donations.


•    Do your homework before presenting so that our dollars are donated in a productive and rewarding way.     

To nominate a charity, please either

•  fill out the form on your right or

• send your charity's name, address, information on its mission, and its Tax ID (if you know the ID) to

Please fill out this form to nominate a charity for consideration.  Only starred items are mandatory.  

Success! Message received.


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