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It's very simple, and it takes just one hour!

  • Each member/team can nominate a local non-profit charity based on the rules detailed below where the nominated charity must be made one week ahead of the next meeting date to allow for vetting to verify that the charity meets the criteria to be a 501(c)(3) organization, is non-political, is non-religious, and does not discriminate based on the list below.
  • Charities can be nominated using the Charity Nomination Form under the "Nominate Charity" page above or by emailing Jane Condon at with charity's name, mission, address, and, if available, the Tax ID.
  • Three charities are randomly drawn at the meeting of those previously nominated.  
  • Each of the nominating members of the three chosen charities gives a five-minute presentation about her charity.
  • Members (or teams) then vote by ballot and majority rules.
  • Each member (or team) then writes a check for $100 to the local non-profit charity chosen by ballot vote.
  • At the next meeting, a representative of the winning charity speaks to the members about the impact their gift has made toward helping that charity fulfill its vision and goals.
The Details


•  Each member must commit to donating $100 per meeting ($300 per year).  Teams of up to four members may be formed to split the cost, but each team is allowed only one vote and one charity nomination.

•  The donations will be given to charities who have 501(c)(3) status serving the Milwaukee Metro West communities and nominated by members of 100 WWC—MKE Metro West.  No national charities will be considered; however, local branches of national charities are eligible for consideration.  The purpose is for 100% of the contributions to stay in our local communities.

•  Charities must be non-religious and non-political.

•  Our target area for charities we want to support is in the Milwaukee West Suburban communities. Southeastern Wisconsin charities outside the Milwaukee Western Suburban area will be considered if the proposals for qualified local MKE West Suburban charities are not fulfilled.

•  Nomination must be made one week ahead of meeting by filling out the Charity Nomination Form under the "Nominate Charity Page on this website or by emailing Jane Condon at with charity's name, mission, and Tax ID.

•  100 Women Who Care--Milwaukee Metro West is an open and affirming organization and does not discriminate.  All are welcome regardless of race, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities, age or gender identification.  It is our expectation that any 501(c)(3) organization proposed as a recipient also adheres to these values.

•  Only members up to date on their charity donations are permitted to nominate a charity and to vote by ballot to select the winning charity.

•  Three charities will be randomly drawn of those nominated by a week before the meeting and then presented at each meeting by the nominating member.  Each nominating member of 100 WWC—MKE Metro West (not the charity itself) of the three drawn charities will give a five-minute presentation about her charity that is under consideration.

•  The group will vote by ballot and majority rules.  Although the winning charity may not be your first choice, you are still obligated to donate.

•  Each time we select a charity to support, we also request a 50% match from from a kind donor, RMSFF Foundation.  After applying for the RMSFF match, if the Foundation finds that our chosen charity does not meet their requirements, a second place charity may be eligible to receive the 50% match. This charity would still be able to be presented for future selection within the year nominated.

•  For tax purposes, all checks will be made out to the chosen organization.  

•  If you are unable to attend, you may give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf or send it to Karen Loeb, 18600 Yorkshire Ln, Brookfield WI 53045 within 10 days.

•  The 501(c)(3) charity must agree to not use the donors’ names for future solicitations or give the information out to the public.   If the charity does not adhere to these conditions, the charity will be removed from any future consideration.

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